mission + goals

We partner with health & wellness practitioners to connect consumers with better beauty brands that prioritize the health of people, planet, and purpose over profits.

The foundation of our work is based on three pillars: education, advocacy, and practical lifestyle choices.


Personal care products and cosmetics are one of the largest sources of harmful substances that disrupt our body chemistry, threaten our health, and destroy our environment. Carcinogens, hormone & endocrine disruptors, and straight-up poison do not belong in or on our bodies. 

When we know better, we can do better. Find out what’s in your products and why you should care.


Clean Beauty advocates, passionate practitioners, and conscious consumers are helping to raise awareness for the importance of ingredient safety in our personal care products. Learn some simple steps you can take to move this mission forward and help to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

With the gift of knowledge comes the responsibility to share it. No act is too small. Your voice matters.


Just being aware of a problem isn’t enough - we need practical solutions we can live with. That’s why we are constantly curating a resource list of better beauty brands with trusted products that meet our requirements for efficacy & performance as well as our standards of safety, sustainability & ethical sourcing.

Our choices reflect our values. Vote with your wallet to support companies making a difference.