The Power of One


It’s taken me years to get this project out of my head, out of my heart, and out into the world. To be honest, I wasn’t sure anyone else cared that much. Ok, at all. But then something crazy happened. I went live on Facebook to share an experience I had that day. I’m not a big social sharer so I didn’t think more than ten people would even see it. But they did. And ten became hundreds. And hundreds became thousands. Thousands of people watched it, commented on it, shared it publicly, messaged me privately, and - most importantly - were moved to action by it. Family, friends, and strangers on the internet reached out to learn more. One video. 6 minutes of my life. Unscripted, unprepared, unfiltered. It. Changed. EVERYTHING.

It was then that I realized the power of one individual voice. That speaking and serving with sincerity and passion is more important that carefully curated pictures and clever captions. That we don’t need an audience of millions to be “influencers”. The fact that you’re here, that you’re taking time out of your busy day to find out what this is about and what I’m up to, that’s enough for me.

Because if even one person is inspired by the information we share to make one safer choice, and perhaps even share what they learn with one other person, this will all have been worth it. I don’t want or need to figure out how to speak to millions of people anymore. I’m happy to speak to you. Just you. You matter.

Of course it’s my hope that our work will inspire as many people as possible to make safer choices for themselves, for their families, and for our planet - but we all know hope ain’t gonna change anything.

So instead of silently hoping that our lawmakers will start putting the health of people and planet before the health of corporate profits, that scientists will stop searching for ways that harmful ingredients can be used to make products we put on our bodies, that people you and I love will stop getting sick and dying from illnesses that are fueled or even caused by environmental toxins…today, I am choosing action. And I’m building a community of conscious consumers who want to take action as well…one person at a time. Starting with YOU.

Join us.

Whether that means publicly raising your voice with us to advocate for safer products, quietly working within your community to educate others, or privately making healthier choices for yourself, we need you. Every voice and every choice matters.

Thank you for being here. Let’s do this!



Guyanne LufranoComment