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In the meantime, here’s the first post and a preview of some of the topics we’ll be covering for you.

Ingredient Education

Since 1938, the United States has banned (or partially banned) only 30 ingredients for use in personal care products while the European Union has banned over 1,400.

With this industry having been self-regulated for the past 80 years, over 80% of the ingredients used have NEVER been tested for safety.

What the whaaaaaat???

We’ll teach you more about “greenwashing” and “cleanwashing” terms like “organic”, “natural”, and “non-toxic” that companies use to give consumers a false sense of safety, do some myth-busting, and help you identify the ingredients you can embrace and which you want to avoid.

Product Recommendations

Luckily consumers are becoming more aware of the effects that harmful ingredients have on their health and the increased demand for safer products is creating an entirely new market for clean beauty.

But we totally get it. What good is “clean beauty” if it doesn’t actually work? We might as well just slap some coconut oil on our face and call it a day, right?

Our editors include industry experts, health & wellness practitioners, and conscious consumers. They’ll be reviewing products that meet our strict ingredient safety requirements and sharing their best finds - along with some sweet deals and promos - so you can find safer skincare, clean cosmetics, and better beauty products that work for you, your family, and your budget.

Clean Living

Clean beauty glows from within, and what we put in, on, and around our bodies really does matter.

Aside from wreaking havoc on our skin, many harmful ingredients found in things we use every single day - from personal care products and household cleaners to our food, clothes, and even furniture - have been linked to cancer, auto-immune diseases, infertility and reproductive harm, hormone imbalances, and allergies.

We’ll serve up healthy living tips to help you reduce the toxic load in your body and in your environment so you can shine from the inside out.